Experienced and curious
about cosmetics


Gale & Cosm was established 15 years ago thanking to a suggestion of Gianni Proserpio who was a professor and scientist that the firm still looks at as to an innovator and a visionary pioneer.

At the very beginning, Gale & Cosm was specially focused on providing pharmacy stores with cosmetic active ingredients for galenic and pharmaceutical formulations.

Then, the core business changed and it becomes the specialty distributor of raw materials for cosmetic industry due to a thorough knowledge of cosmetics of the staff.

Recently the company become a promoter in the international markets of own manufactured products, by a network of distributors in Western /Eastern Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Asia and Americas.

Gale & Cosm is always looking for new interesting and innovative raw materials, studying consumer trends and working very close with the new opinion leader, consultant, research centers and university.