Blue Cut Titan 98, developed by Nanogen Co., Ltd. and exclusively distributed by Gale & Cosm on the European market, is a mineral filter powder in non-nano form that blocks the blue wavelength, more commonly called Blue Light. It is titanium dioxide coated with safflower oil, which possesses blue light absorbing properties. Together they create a functional cosmetic ingredient to protect the skin from Blue Light radiation, a form of electromagnetic radiation, of the same family as UVA and UVB rays, of the visible spectrum, which in humans can cause, over time, the development of reactive forms of oxygen (ROS) and consequent damage to the mitochondrial DNA of epithelial cells.

Blue Cut Titan 98 (INCI name Titanium Dioxide, Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil) is presented as a white powder with a slightly waxy smell, its plus is that it avoids the much feared “white effect” on the skin, typical of UV filters, giving a natural coverage and a pleasant make-up effect.

“Kosmetica”, may 2023 – Year XXXIV