GALE&COSM X NAROON: keeping up with 2023 beauty trends

by M. Manni (R&D Gale&Cosm)

Since 1 February 2023, GALE&COSM has been the official distributor in Italy and Europe of NAROON products, a company specialized in the production of pearls that stand out for their pure and intense colours, which manage to transform each beauty product into a kaleidoscope of unique special effects and iridescent. Our new partner stands out in the market thanks to its refined production technologies, the result of which are pearlescent pigments and special effects of the highest quality.

With its strong technical support and competitive prices, NAROON offers a wide range of pigments with exclusive reflections in the cosmetic sector. Their pearls are perfect for the formulation of face, eye and lip makeup products and for nailcare, which are increasingly in demand in the cosmetic market. After a long period in which the major beauty trend was the “model off-duty” look, now color is once again the protagonist. If in recent years the makeup look included zero foundation and only a little concealer, to obtain a very thin face base with a natural and almost ethereal radiance for a “no make-up make-up” effect, now color re-emerges in the foreground . From the latest trends in vogue on Tiktok and on the high fashion catwalks, we see color playing a predominant role, often accompanied by a shiny and mirrored, almost wet effect. Recently, in fact, bright colors, fluorescent hues and graphic designs are depopulating, for 2000s-inspired looks that are now viral on social media, since the release of the famous TV series Euphoria.

Makeup now becomes more sophisticated, and a touch of color is always added to the unavoidably perfected and luminous complexion, even better if embellished with particular reflections. The must haves of the moment are in fact graphic style eye makeup, often with the addition of three-dimensional applications, with glitter, pearls and rhinestones in relief. The eye make-up lights up with the Sirene yes in which the eyelids are colored in shades of blue and green with an iridescent, metallic and holographic finish. Sparkle can be added to eye makeup both with thin lines that replace the classic eyeliner but it can also extend over the entire eyelid. In fact, the topper is a very trendy product, which can be in powder, gel or cream and have more or less thick glitter, in which the duo and triochrome effects are increasingly popular and sought after. This type of product is so appreciated because it manages to elevate even the simplest and most natural looks with a few quick gestures, and because they are so versatile that they can be easily applied without too much precision on the eyes, face and lips, returning different results depending on the base color on which they are applied.

Also very popular are the transparent all-over gels, also containing pearls of different sizes and reflections, which can be applied to the face, body and even hair for an extra wet effect. Among the most popular trends certainly appears the recent glitter-mania, the absolute protagonist of the recent performances of Paola & Chiara on the prestigious stage of Sanremo, in which the focus of the look was just a rain of holographic glitter all over the faces of the singers and on the bodies of the dancers .

The NAROON proposals are perfect for the formulation of currently trendy products as they are characterized by a very low content of heavy metals and excellent reproducibility from batch to batch.

Furthermore, the portfolio is extensive and includes pearls developed on various types of substrates. There are several categories of natural mica-based pearls available, such as Silver White, Golden, Interference and Metallic Pearls, which allow you to obtain a full and shiny color and which can have an important added value for all those products that they want to be characterized by natural claims. The synthetic mica substrate offers an even more brilliant and reflected result: Crystal, Extra sparkle and the Chamaleon series are pearls with extremely chameleon-like and refined reflections, with ultra-metallic and iridescent effects. The NAROON catalog also offers borosilicate glass-based pearls, such as the Diamond series and the Extra spark, whose luster is extremely radiant and energetic, perfect for use in the formulations of top coats and illuminating products. But the product that differentiates it from its main competitors is certainly the innovative Optical Variable Pigments series, which offers a range of innovative pigments developed on a silica substrate. This technology allows these exclusive pearls to obtain a pure, full and lively colour, embellished with chameleon-like duochrome and triochrome effects, which return different shades and facets depending on the type and direction of the light source they encounter. Indeed, when illuminated, these pearls reveal their precious essence, distinguished by intense and surprising color shifting, both in the bold color version and in iridescence.

NAROON products are therefore perfect for the formulation of loose, compact, liquid and cream eyeshadows, but also of highlighters, face, body and hair gels and iridescent mirror-effect top coats. They can also be used for eyeliner and glitter, pencils, glosses and lipsticks in sticks and liquids, for lips with a pearly and polychromatic effect. Finally, the beautiful pearls are not only suitable for the formulation of face makeup but are also perfect for nail care products.

In fact, on the nails we see bright and increasingly metallic-effect colors depopulating, especially after the great trend launched by the model Hailey Bieber, who often chooses iridescent powders for her manicure, which give a hyper-metallic and chrome finish for a glazed effect. The same pearl will give very different effects depending on the base on which it is applied, ranging from a glass effect for bases with natural nuances, to stronger effects if applied on very dark bases, which best enhance the unusual reflections.

“Makeup Technology” – semestrale (1, 2023), CEC Editore